Concrete Grinding Services

  *  Concrete grinding is a cost-effective method to repair a trip hazard caused by uneven concrete surfaces.  Surfaces may be grinded up to one and one half inches. 

Concrete Removal and Replacement

  *  Trip hazards which exceed the one and one half inches limit for grinding must be replaced.  This method requires that the damaged concrete be removed from the area.  Rebar is installed in the area and new concrete is poured to a depth of four inches for sidewalks and six inches for parking lots.

Concrete Patching

  *  Patching is most often used on curbs that do not need to be removed and replaced.  A hardening substance is used to repair the damaged area.

Concrete Joint Sealing

  *  Concrete joint sealing is used to seal joints between concrete pads.

Concrete Crack Sealing

  *  Concrete crack sealing is used to seal cracks in concrete surfaces, such as

      driveways and sidewalks.


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